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Elafin for clinical testing

KIEL, Germany – April 07, 2005: Elafin, the anti-inflammatory protein of PROTEO Biotech AG, will be subjected to clinical testing in the very near future, representing a further step on its way to being licenced as a drug. The authorities demand strict standards for the manufacture of medicines for clinical testing, and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production of Elafin for the upcoming trials has to comply with a large number of rules and regulations.

“That's why we have chosen Eurogentec S.A. in Belgium to produce the required amounts of Elafin for us,” commented Walter J. Thomsen, CEO of PROTEO Biotech AG. Thomsen added that the manufacture of Elafin to GMP standards is too complex for a company like PROTEO. By contrast, Eurogentec, situated in Liège, has 290 employees as well as the necessary infrastructure and experience to produce biologically and pharmaceutically active substances quickly and in sufficient amounts for the approaching clinical trials. The collaboration of the two companies was sealed on the 23rd of March 2005. The production of Elafin is due to begin on the 11th of April and will be completed in the first week of July.

“We are aiming to get Elafin licenced as a drug in as short a time as possible and cooperating with Eurogentec will ensure that we achieve our goal.” Thomsen explains.


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