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Proteo Biotech AG / Proteo Inc. Announces the Successful Completion of the Preclinical Trials of Its Tissue Protective Agent Elafin – Clinical Trials Are Being Scheduled

KIEL, Germany – July 14, 2004: Proteo Biotech AG announces, that Elafin, which is produced in a recombinant process, has successfully passed all pre-clinical trials focusing on its effectiveness and compatibility.

Proteo Biotech AG, located in Kiel, has successfully completed the pre-clinical trials of its agent Elafin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Applying Elafin to rodents in a high doses, intravenously over a long period has caused no toxic reactions. Elafin is now standing at beginning of phase 1 of clinical trials.

“These results are an important break-through on the way to the desired authority approval and a confirmation of the uniqueness of our agent Elafin”, so Walter J. Thomsen, CEO of Proteo.

Proteo’s Elafin is of human origin and is one of the most potent inhibitors of human elastase and proteinase 3, and therefore a compound with high biological activity and with less unforeseeable side effects and insignificant allergenic potential compared to most synthetic alternatives.

The results of pre-clinical trials, shows great promise in the treatment of tissue and muscle damage. Elafin reduces damage to heart muscles caused by blood supply deficiencies. This indicates its applicability in the treatment of cardiac infarction. According to the results of pre-clinical trials performed, Elafin reduced extremity damage caused by blood supply deficiencies. This indicates its suitability as a special drug to prevent amputations after serious injuries. Elafin had a similar effect on transplanted hearts, indicating its suitability as a drug to prevent rejections following a transplantation. Further application are being tested.

Proteo, founded in 2000 specializes in the biological and medical research and development human derived agents with the focus on drug development, approval, marketing and distribution. Proteo has established its own pilot plant and expertise in scale-up of recombinant protein production.

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein has supported the process development of the Elafin production with a state grant of 750.000 EUR.

In May 2004 an additional 760.000 EUR funding has been provided through an European regional development program (EFRE). – printed on 2020-09-23 9:19:21