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Proteo, Inc./Proteo Biotech AG: In Animal Experiments, Elafin proved to strengthen the Immune system

Irvine, CA – Feb. 27 2006 – Proteo, Inc. (OTCBB: PTEO; WKN: 925981) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Proteo Biotech AG announced today: For more than a decade Jean-Michel Sallenave has researched the mechanisms of lung inflammation at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute of the University of Edinburgh. His group is particularly interested in methods for treating inflammatory lung diseases. In a recently pre-published study, the group altered mice by means of molecular biological techniques in a way that they produce human Elafin in their lungs. In these mice a significantly enhanced immune defence was observed. More antibodies were produced as well as an increased number of antigen-presenting cells of the immune system. Thus, this group of scientists could demonstrate in animal experiments that Elafin not only reduces tissue damage in the lung by inflammation but also that Elafin may influence an infection of the lung by strengthening the body’s own immune defence. Infections of the lung during chronic obstructive lung disease, particularly in smoker’s lungs, are frequent complications and cause an acute aggravation of the disease.

Source: Roghanian A, Williams SE, Sheldrake TA, Brown TI, Oberheim K, Xing Z, Howie SE, Sallenave JM. The Antimicrobial/Elastase Inhibitor Elafin Regulates Lung Dendritic Cells and Adaptive Immunity. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2006

Birge Bargmann, President and CEO: “These results let us hope that Elafin in addition to its known anti-inflammatory potential may have positive effects on the immune system. This encourages us to develop Elafin also for the treatment of lung diseases further.”

Proteo owns the rights for the production and exploitation of recombinant Elafin. This protein was discovered at the Department of Dermatology of Kiel University, Germany. In humans it is produced in the skin, lungs and mammary glands and protects the Elafin producing cells from destruction by the immune system. Some organs, particularly muscles and blood vessels, do not express Elafin and are thus more susceptible to immune attack. Elafin's ability to block the enzymes elastase and proteinase 3, both of which are involved in tissue damage during inflammatory reactions, makes this protein a promising agent for the treatment of inflammatory lung disorders or severe reperfusion injury occurring after heart attacks, accidents involving injuries or organ transplantations.

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Proteo Biotech AG researches, develops and markets substances for biological and medical research as well as for use as pharmaceuticals. The main focus lies in the development and up-scaling of production methods for active agents in inflammation research. The company was founded in Germany in April 2000 and in November of the same year became a wholly owned subsidiary of Proteo Inc., Irvine. Proteo Inc. intends to out license selected indications and to establish strategic alliances in the development of new applications as well as in marketing.

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